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Instagram v7.17.0 Apk + Mode OGInsta Download

Exclusive Update:

Instagram specific patch release program to eliminate errors when logging in and making account (for users VIP)

For the first time in Apktops


Instagram for Android Instagram’s social network

Instagram mode with version 7.12.0 version

With more than 1 billion download from Google Play and earn points 4.5

Instagram – Instagram, the largest social network to share images and short videos taken into account that in recent days Iran has also managed to attract so many fans. Instagram, the Facebook, the popular social network among users is known as the second.


Features :

  • The ability to edit pictures and videos using custom filters
  • The ability to improve images using the exposure, contrast, shadow and …
  • Search and find people and they account on Aysntagram
  • The ability to share quick videos and images on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • Its contact with Instagram users around the world
  • The ability to send videos and photos securely in place for friends
  • Construction of private groups with friends
  • The ability to switch between different accounts (added in the new version)

Mode version features OGInsta:

  • At the same time the ability to install the Instagram app and connect with another account
  • Ability to download videos and photos on Instagram
  • Ability to share links photos and videos

Version features Insta +:

  • Ability to download videos and photos on Instagram
  • Ability to share links photos and videos

To be sure, few people can be found who is not familiar with the social network Instagram! The social network, especially in recent days has managed to gain so many fans and so many people from the social network for sharing images and short video (15 seconds) used to be able to view their friends . On the other hand, many artists and celebrities from Aysntagram to stay in touch with their fans. The social network Instagram you can follow someone or that someone you follow. In such circumstances, both the person, what you will see are released and if they like it, it will add a heart. The ability to add custom comments and opinions on the images and videos that are shared there and you can search for images and videos you can see, if you wish, put your own personal opinion.

One interesting feature that Instagram gives your users the ability to edit images using different filters the Web site. When you have a photo to share with other people on Instagram (either on the computer or on the phone) upload, after upload time, you are shown a number of effects that can, if desired they are as beautiful to use your own images. These effects are designed in such a way that they can beautify your images.

As we said in Aysntagram lot of people are members and friends may also be part of the same people. That’s why on Instagram ability to search for different people and there you can search by the person’s name, if that person is in Instagram account, locate it and follow him. It is also possible for celebrities and you can name singers, actors, politicians, celebrities and your favorite Instagram searching and finding him, follow him so that you can follow what you publish and see.

App Instagram for Android has been released by the company. By installing this application on your Android phone or tablet will have access to the site Instagram. The software provides you with all facilities in the Aysntagram the computer, mobile phone, will provide you with your Instagram account, whereby it can be controlled and managed. You can post new status and the status of your friends or people you follow on.This time on ApkTops latest version of the software can continue to have prepared for ApkTops get it directly from the site.

Exclusive Pachter Instagram (requires root):

  • By this patch can not fix the error occurs in the program the following:
  • Error Fix Too many users registered on this device when making a new account
  • Error Fix Your account has been disabled for violating our terms then log
  • Ability to create unlimited number of accounts on one phone (not a clone)
  • Unable to connect to an account on any phone without any annoying error

This Pj is the download link for VIP users. To join in a special section to this link to see.

This part of the text will be visible only to members of the VIP and VIP +.

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