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Internet Download Accelerator v6.1.1.1442 – Download Manager

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When you have lots of files from the Internet, download it and also when you have a large file from the Internet, you need a software download manager you. Internet Download Accelerator is a download manager software that dramatically Download it will be easy for you. The software relies on a set of simple and beautiful interface and great functionality.
This program, with its own technology can Tbdbl files into small pieces and each piece separately start downloading that this rise is the download speed. It is also connected with a connection to the server raises your rate. Which can easily protocols Http, Https, Ftp files easily and quickly get.

This software is a powerful feature beautiful shells to evolve the software as well as the ability to customize and get the plug-in to the program. Management programs to download one of the most important tools of the Internet to our carrier Iran. Our vast Diyala up Internet more Internet users to connect to the Internet and to download large files I need a good download manager to download our files shredded and divided into small sections until the download speed is more files. If you are interrupted while downloading Internet files, or there was a problem downloading the file, you do have the option to continue downloading the file you downloaded from not withered away. If you have a download manager to do this you’ll have to download the file from scratch. This software is the ability to synchronize with all existing browsers, including Internet Explorer, Nescape, Mozilla and Opera and others.

Key features of Internet Download Accelerator:
– Ability to download from Http, Https, Ftp with Resume capability
– The ability to split files into several parts to download faster
– Classification and management of downloaded files
– A small floating window showing the extent and speed of file download
– Semi-finished downloading where your Internet connection is interrupted for some reason
– Connect (connection) automatically in the event of an Internet outage
– Download all the links on a page with just one click
– Determine the timing downloading and downloading files
– Add skins and plug-in programs
– Coordinated with antivirus different
– Toolbar for Internet Explorer
– Supports most popular browsers, including: Netcape, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla
– Support multiple languages ​​including Farsi,
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And the …

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