Note: This software defects as well as all Mrvfytsh stops downloading at 99% and the download file is incomplete, as well as non-free because of the possibility of failure exists Kirk suggested Zune download to users of Freeware  is.

Extending the network of global  users needs and develop a web-based activities took on a different form, the Internet is not only used for browsing news and information but also the spread of file-sharing networks, the exchange of information between users increased today from ordinary users Simple to large organizations and large companies all use the Internet to share and exchange with one another, one of the things that is most commonly used is the “Download” or “Upload” is, in short, “download” means loading the data and data from a specified source refers to a system.

Today, all companies, including watershed activists music all use the internet to broadcast their information or use the mac resources are required to download the data published by them in the past few years, Internet browsers a lot better, but they have introduced limited-use tool to download Web browsers for downloading advanced features is not recommended for lack of the recommend users «download manager, software» Use.

“Free Download Manager” software is said to be responsible for the technical information and data downloaded from the Internet, a lot softwares activities in this field trying to keep up one of the most powerful management software download We introduce to you.

Internet Download Manager or contraction «IDM»  to manage advanced download Manager has a smart system files makes it easier to download, this new technology will accelerate the downloaded files and According to the manufacturer Up to 5 times faster than normal can download.

Key features of Internet Download Manager:
– Increase download speeds by up to 5 times by Smart Systems ‘dynamic segmentation’.
– Resume feature for interrupted and lost no time downloading the information downloaded.
– Support all popular browsers and applications on the market.
– The Video Grabber to download video files on the site.
– Ability to automatically find files by the Czech anti-virus.
– Ability to download the entire contents of the Site Grabber Sayt.- ability to download multiple files.
– Advanced scheduling capabilities to manage downloads.
– Speed ​​Limiter feature to limit download speed.
– Supports multiple languages, including sweet Persian language.

But how are these programs can increase download speed?
In the past, browsers and many other programs to download files from the Internet is just a “connection” or «Connection» was established with the destination server, but experience has proven to be downloaded only through a connection not only makes the full potential and Do not use it at maximum speed Internet connection to download all data will be lost.
Then download managers entered the arena and a new feature called «Segmentation» Introduce the ability to “segmentation” or «Segmentation» is a new feature in which files are downloaded before the download is divided into parts and The connection to the server while downloading, instead of a larger number of simultaneous connections, and the file will start downloading to the example in 8 pieces, in this case the download speed is much more the situation before mac an loss Information has too many drops.

It’s the distinction and superiority over other similar programs is?
Internet Download Manager smarter software system called “dynamic segmentation” or «Dynamic Segmentation» uses, unlike other similar programs much smarter operating system and provides faster access to the Myknd.shyvh “dynamic segmentation” In this way, the beginning of the file by the application server and then start to download the source for Segmentation Evaluation and unlike other programs before starting the download file to the application of the segmentation segmentation and downloaded the file As soon as a piece is finished, a new piece, and finally takes advantage of the full potential of broadband internet speed.
This program not only makes use of the maximum speed but also allows files to be downloaded with greater security, electricity or communication while downloading, because if the Internet to be discontinued, divided into smaller parts only a small part of the file as file In fact, you will not need to re-download and re-download the entire file.
Downloading multiple files will also allow you to download multiple files simultaneously true and Download files to increase the maximum available bandwidth of your.

– Preferably from downloading multiple files simultaneously avoid.
This will increase the likelihood of failure of downloaded files, especially if the file is too big.

– The excessive segmentation files (even on this program and other programs) to avoid.
Internet Download Manager can change the application configuration file is present on the part of some people mistakenly think that the increase Connections number of connections or the files to a much faster rate if this is the downloading of the lead photos not only does and speed reduces the risk of file corruption is increasing due to the current situation and state of the Internet in Iran recommended maximum of 8 connections to download the files, and the increase in your not.

– Use the app to download to make sure your files is highly recommended.
It’s always important to remember that there is no possible way to get faster than the speed determined by the service provider Internet download, you and use of tools can only change the optimize system Bandwidth more than a use their hands to find the maximum speed of your internet, if you are unhappy with the speed of your Internet or Internet service provider much lower than that you are guaranteed to, you must contact to the company’s support.