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(94/1/16) changes:
Course added Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter!
Course Online Marketing Fundamentals 2014 (with Brad Batesole) added!

Effective Email Marketing Strategies:
Email marketing or email marketing (Email Marketing) is a form of direct marketing by e-mail based. The marketing of goods or services can be introduced to the audience via email. This will send a message to one or more contacts to establish a business relationship or fundraising takes place.
During the training of Email Marketing you with key strategies in marketing the Internet to learn.

Headlines training of:
– Create a list of email contacts.
– Category email addresses
– Provide new ideas for increasing the number of posts
– Choose the best format to send email
– The best way to shop links
– Sending valuable suggestions
– Select a title (subject) effective
– Combine email with social media and mobile devices
– Manage emails and Blocke’s Bounce
– Check emails information
– Automated marketing via email
– And …

Online Marketing Fundamentals (with Lorrie Thomas Ross):
Online Marketing (Online Marketing) or Marketing Internet in a manner to use the Mac animals and powerful tools available in cyberspace and the Internet to identify the customer and their needs, communicate with them, introduce your product or service and finally get the lucrative market for the provision of goods and services is considered. Given that almost all people somehow come into contact with the Internet world, this form of marketing is increasingly allocated to. Among the advantages of internet marketing can be no limitation of time and space, cost less, advertise your network , the more interaction with the customer and speed up the definition of new products and services named.

Topics include:
– Define the target market
– Set specific goals and measures of success
– Work with software web analytics
– Create a site map (site map)
– Select the domain and host
– Plan for mobile devices
– Organize and conduct social media marketing
– Develop Email Marketing
– Check the Public Relations Online
– Understand the difference between search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO)
– Check blogging and microblogging
– Take online advertising
– And …

Other training courses:
– The basics of internet marketing
– Marketing on social media Facebook and Twitter
– Principles of Online Marketing
– And …