Intro to buy step by step construction, professional teaser (motion graphics) in After Effects in Persian - as well as file and project requirements

Education special After Effects …

This is vocational training for the first time among all websites in the field of graphics prepared, you are making teaser ad Intro professional future (motion graphics) will be familiar with the latest techniques in the world .
Top features of other education-related training, there will be 9 camera pointed at the teaser, which is unique of its kind and for different promotional teaser and Intro, can be used. But the complexity of the work, to education as well as in the field of motion graphics mph noted that all the points well in its place.
The main feature of this training would be to review the basics of stage lighting and animating them and the top technique of making animated text and motion graphics noted.

This training is simple and clear words and with the latest techniques of modern education (from basic to advanced), DJ FX and My Planted exclusively by the team, expressive Joudaki prepared to bring projects and files required, then offer is coming.

Note: This tutorial is the first among all websites in the field of graphics has been published, which are commonly used in the fields teaser, Intro and Banner ‘s life.

Software : After Effects
Education level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced (for users of virtual school)
Training time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Contents: video tutorial in Farsi + files needed to practice

This tutorial video preview: