Download iOS App Development Essential Training - Training and development programs he S.

Ios (iOS) operating system for iPhone (iPhone) Oh, iPod (iPad) and other devices such as Apple’s iPad and Apple TV. With iOS 7 SDK can be useful to develop applications for the iPhone and iPad payments.iOS the architecture of four layers Core OS, Core Services, Media Layer and Cocoa Touch is made.Running in the MS program he must be specifically written for IOS and ARM architecture, and developers can build for this purpose, the development kit software on his iPhone SMS (iOS SDK) to use.
During training you how to write the iOS App Development Essential Training and development programs are familiar with iOS platform.

Headlines training of:
– Using Xcode and the iOS Simulator
– Learning the basics of Objective-C and its structure
– The creation of objects, variables, properties, and custom classes
– User interface elements in code
– Use the Delegation
– Use the Xcode debugger
– Check the storyboard
– The block of
– Storage and loading data
– Understand the difference in the development of iPad
– Make iPad applications with popovers, and views of Split
– Add icons to launch programs and images
– And …