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Java (Java) is a programming language that initially created by Sun Microsystems in comparison to other languages, such as Visual Basic or Fortran or ++ C language is relatively recent. The language is part of their grammar and C ++ C but a simple object model and the Mac impulsivity level is low. Java applications compiled to byte code to the ability to run on all machines, regardless of the architecture and characteristics Java simulation PC. Java to write different types of web applications, programming of small systems such as Symbian , Pocket PC, etc. and large applications (Enterprise), desktop applications (Desktop) and so convenient. One of the main features of Java is that memory management is done automatically. Confidence is high performance applications written in this language is not dependent on a particular operating system, in other words it can be run on any computer with any operating system.

During the training, the Java Advanced Training with basic functionality and key functional and powerful programming language are familiar.

Headlines training of:
– Install Java on Windows and Mac OS X
– Installing Eclipse
– Using new features such as Generic and
– The use of complex structures and properties of classes Classes (Member, Local, Inner)
– How to use the Reflection API
– Management of a non-regularly to a Mac Hash Set of
– Management sets are arranged to help Tree Set
– Control lists regularly with linked lists
– Peeking and Polling by lines.
– Manage files and directories
– Test program and advanced management errors
– Work with the Stream Input / Output (I / O Stream)
– Use of Multi-Threading Java
– And …