To run the  and Web-based tool which was built in the Java programming language, you need to install the Java SE Runtime Environment software so you can use them.

History of the Java language:
Java was created in 1991 and was initially called Oak. Genesis of the project, called Green was originated under James Gosling, and was followed with the aim of housekeeping equipment. And Oak in programming these devices were used as a powerful language. But by 1994, the project was in despair until the development team looking after the procedure,  will be included in your work goals. Oak was renamed to Java so it can be registered as trademarks. Netsccap Navigator 0/2 in September 1995 in which the Applet, the work was supported by Microsoft in late 1995, and it used . From then on the language abilities increased.

The 1996 edition of Sun Microsystems 0/1 to extend the Java Development Kit. After years of writing 1/1 from JavaBeans support. Sun sued Microsoft in 1997 against the Company alleging breach of agreements relating to the use of Java in Internet Explorer.
After the Sun JDK 2/1 and Swing, which means much more than that (Abstract) Windowing Toolkit AWT to create a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides performances. We have JDK in version 0/5 and the new features available.
And the name of the Java 2 j (Standard Edition 2 SE) are also known.
In addition to the Java 2 j (Enterprise Edition 2 EE) (currently in version 4/1) for commercial applications is presented. EE 2 J technologies such as JavaServer Pages Enterprise, Servlets, (JavaBeans EJB) and so on.
Java is a language for distributed programming language known worldwide that enable users to interact (interaction) with a static HTML Web page, and unlike pages beyond reading, or just fill out a form it allows users to  calculation spreadsheet pages and news that are updated in real time and provides many other things.
Java is also platform-independent. This means that you can write an application once the application on any operating system with a Java Virtual Machine (Java virtual machine) or abbreviated JVM to be installed into the same shape and no need to applicable, shall be any modification It was.
Simple Java language, fully object-oriented, high security and features Chndbndy (Multi-threading) is. The Ngarsh2 / 1 onwards Tools Swing, Java language to create a simple and attractive user friendly GUL have become. From another point of view we can say that Java is a platform-independent language, but also as an OS independent and small acts. As programming languages ​​could run on the Windows platform (Platform) to the Windows / Intel have the ability to run Java applications on Java / JVM’s. As with Windows, Java is a platform  for commercial and unique to a company.

Many companies large and small in the world of Java programming language to build their apps and games. The Java Virtual Machine installed on your system may or software programs that have been written based on the Java programming language to run.
Most Java applications to run online games, chat with other users in interactive environments that are written in Java, 3D graphics and more. More software and games inside the browser can run the so-called “applets” or microprogram called.

Note: Java software suite in Iran due to sanctions from the original site is not available! Now you can use this tool for the Java programming language directly from the server PC downloaded.