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Object-oriented document or animal model (DOM – Document Object Model) as one of two Sakhtvarە (architecture) is the (next Asayaks) that the XML documents to objects that contain it, analyze them, and take them as a tree structure spreads out the data in the main memory. Sakhtvarە animals, not affiliation to a particular programming language and not to a particular programming platform, but, in order to implement and its implementation should be of a programming language such as Java Blndtraz, C #, JavaScript, or similar they seek profit. Beyond the UI document object model exposed. It can be said as the DOM elements and tags and the relationships between these elements and tags (for parents and children), the core of every web page.
During the training of JavaScript: Enhancing the DOM you with DOM, how to access, operate and manage it using JavaScript you know.

Headlines training of:
– DOM What?
– The choice of separating elements
– DOM nodes up and down
– Change Features HTML
– Modification of the text
– Create and add nodes
– Cloning (cloning) and removing nodes
– Add Event Listener Feedback
– Add and resize images in the DOM
– Manage the click event
– And …