Download JavaScript Essential Training 2007 - Learning JavaScript

JS (JavaScript) language that is produced by NetScape. The language is object-based scripting programming language based on ECMA-262 Edition 3 standard is written.
Despite the general confusion, Java scripts and Java unrelated, although the structure of the language C ++ (C ++) and Java is similar, which is intended to facilitate learning. Therefore, common commands such as if, for, try..catch and are found in these languages.
It can be both structured and object-oriented to be used. The language of objects by adding methods and properties empty objects are built dynamically, unlike Java. After the construction of an object method, the object can be made as an example for similar objects used.
Due to the ability of the JavaScript programming language to build prototype system is suitable.
It is widely used in Internet sites and pages on a Mac the language objects in HTML pages can be accessed and changed. For this reason, the animation on the user, the language is used.

During the training of basic and key features of JavaScript Essential Training 2007 to learn the language strong.