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Joomla (Joomla!) Is a free open source content management system that can manage content on the Internet is used. Joomla power in simplicity and user-friendliness has led to its popularity. Working with Joomla requires no programming knowledge, but Joomla Framework provides a good platform for developers to develop plug-ins that caused thousands of Mac impulsivity to be made. Joomla localization and fully compatible with the Persian language. Joomla! Written in PHP language and uses MySQL database. Features Joomla! Including possible temporary loading in memory to improve performance (caching), create a list of automated, sent through the form of RSS, offering print, short of news, forum, polls, calendars, search the Internet and supports multiple languages ​​(the including Farsi) is. In addition to the basic features, plug-ins (including components, modules, plugins, templates, depending on the language) that contribute to the Joomla! Extensions. More than 10,200 plug-in free and commercial Joomla plugins official branch there.
In the education of your Joomla basic functionality and key software applications take power.

Headlines training of:
– Joomla!
– Installing Joomla!
– Planning website
– Organizing the content in Joomla!
– Create categories, articles, menus
– Formatting text and images
– The use of modules and components,
– Installation of third-party add-on applications and templates
– Support for multiple languages ​​by Joomla!
– Management of users and permissions
– Change the appearance of the site by Themes
– Setting up a website
– And …