Download Juice Cubes - mobile game Fruit Cubes (Money Unlimited)
(95/1/5) changes:
Update to version 1:35:05

In this game you have fruit that are located along the diagonal or delete place. Play the table with square pixels that are located within the fruit and you have the same duty to remove the fruit. This game is a puzzle style and features of this game can be 165 different puzzle types, using different explosives such as bombs, smooth gameplay, graphics are colorful and exciting soundtracks. Unlimited game because of this or Mac gives it to you so you can use explosives.

Features Games Mobile Juice Cubes:
– More than 300 interesting stage Vkhvshmz·h
– Compete with friends on networking social
– Open new islands with different personalities
Changes in version v1.35.05:
– Added new stage + Fixed bugs and game issues