Download Karl Taylor HD-DSLR Movie Making - Training HD video with DSLR cameras from Carl Taylor
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Volume training video cameras capture HD-DSLR (HD-DSLR Movie Making), which at its core Karl Taylor offer a training series is filmed, unlike other collections on the photo -taking focused, in this package you will learn how with such a professional DSLR cameras capture.
During this period, such as feature film, short film making techniques filmed with DSLR, behind the scenes features, post-production, and detailed time-lapse techniques taught and then covered the final stages of making the film and release it .

Carl Taylor (Karl Taylor) is a professional photographer and teacher of photography classes with more than 15 years of professional work and teaching and is now the world’s worked in several companies.
After holding several conferences and seminars for professional photographers and a few years now officially launched their company is specialized in teaching photography. In this way the other outstanding masters of photography and graphics , such as Tim Gaudion and Jon Bairds and Fabienne Bourgaize and Giles Cumner use and they have formed a team to provide the most complete and best training photography market.

Topics include:
– Prerequisites and tools for film shooting
– Factors involved behind the scenes
– Review and filmed with multiple camera angles filmed
– Review of color temperature and light
– Review time-lapse technique
– Filmed in slow motion (Slow Motion)
– Filmed at night
– Editing and post-production (Post-production)
– Record and edit sound cinematic video
– And …