Karl Taylor Travel & Landscape Photography - Photography in travel and landscapes by Carl Taylor
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Periodic training of landscape photography and landscapes (Travel & Landscape Photography) offer training series is Karl Taylor at its core photo -taking nature. In this course you will learn how you can create stunning photos of nature and beautiful architecture.
During this period, such as taking pictures of buildings, monuments and beautiful architecture in detail the techniques taught and then taking pictures of natural scenery and landscapes covered.
Carl Taylor (Karl Taylor) is a professional photographer and teacher of photography classes with more than 15 years of professional work and teaching and is now the world’s worked in several companies.
After holding several conferences and seminars, professional photography and now his company has officially launched a few years of specialized training in photography.

In this way the other outstanding masters of photography and graphics , such as Tim Gaudion and Jon Bairds and Fabienne Bourgaize and Giles Cumner use and they have formed a team to provide the most complete and best training in photography are released.

Topics include:
– Photo capture of attractions within the city round the world
– Understanding and use in photographic neutral density filters
– Understanding the principles of planning and scheduling professional photos
– Understanding the basics right time in any position to get enough light
– Photographs of the attractions of the city at night
– Specialized taking pictures of landscapes and different perspectives
– Meet with polarizing filters
– Understanding Exposure to high and add depth to photos
– Professional photographs of architecture and monuments
– Understanding the position of the camera and capture the moment
– Understanding the benefits of criticism and criticism of photography
– Specialized photographed at sunrise
– Meet with different shooting modes from a fixed view
– And …