Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security without a doubt the most versatile and popular software security among users, the company has been working for 20 years in the field of security software, security software market has a large proportion of its allocate. The software uses an extensive database that can detect the latest malware files with advanced tools to clean your system of any virus, and the clean wreak. Certainly Kaspersky products can be a very good option for your system are completely safe.

Key Features Software by Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security:
– Have a Bhrvztryn databases infected files
– Identify a range of malicious files such as viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spam, etc.
– An advanced system utility cleans the infected files
– Securing the moment (Real-time) due to the consideration of all system activities.
– Immunization types of networks such as LAN and WiFi internal
– Utilization of search behavior (Behavioral Scan) even without access to the Internet
– Blocking the ad you are infected and suspected spam (Anti-Banner & Anti-Spam)
– Blocking of spoof sites (Anti-Phishing)
– Secure electronic banking systems and online purchases (Safe Money)
– Optimization program to decrease system performance
– Elegant and simple user interface
– Compatible with the latest versions of Windows

The difference between software Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security What?
Generally in the form of two software products company Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Internet Security publishes many aspects that are different from one another.
In 1997, the first anti-virus company called Kaspersky Anti-Virus on the market, and then due to low Internet penetration among users, the software is very well acted but gradually with the expansion of the World Wide Web and pandemic It is no longer a simple anti-virus could infect the system of keeping them clean because of the Internet, despite its usefulness, the largest distributor of malicious files and infected, and very serious threat to the security of the system is a people’s personal information . Thus leading to new products and more up to date company called Kaspersky Kaspersky Internet Security report that its main task is to control the content of the web log.

In short, a powerful antivirus Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a security system as well as providing for Offline and isolated systems are the best option, but in addition to all the features of Kaspersky Internet Security Kaspersky Anti-Virus includes the IP and advanced tools to deal with cyber attacks and is more useful for systems that are connected to the Internet all the time, and a large amount of information they receive daily.

Brief introduction of the unique features of security software company Kaspersky:
– The Automatic Exploit Prevention: a new method wreak espionage attack through routines and applied to the search for weaknesses that hackers can penetrate applications (Vulnerability) such as browsers provide an opportunity to the name of a familiar and trusted software user logged in and infect the system, the ability to continuously monitor the behavior of the applications developed by Kaspersky show, can detect any suspicious behavior and user information to the Sign done it before, this feature allows the software to be infected can spread in the system.

– The Safe Networking: networks where a large number of systems are linked together, such as local area networks LAN and WiFi, an excellent platform for the dissemination of infected files so that a contaminated system can be set in all systems connected to the network infected a. Safe Networking feature that is found only in versions of Internet Security not only monitor your login information, but is constantly looking the WiFi network and LAN and publish it on the network as malicious file barrier of it is.

– The System Watcher and Anti-Blocker: To continue to wreak some malicious files and interrupting user access to the system, a large part of the control system of the user can not put any effort to rescue the system and information. Anti-Blocker feature due to the higher levels can access all areas that are disabled and re-enabled the system to remove the destructive agent that it is possible to all the broken previous Karyhay returned.

– The Safe Money: Unfortunately, a lot of users around the world due to the carelessness, you lost important data bank and credit cards and bank accounts are stolen. When you are managing your bank account or you’re shopping online, this program by adding another layer of security to the browser, ensuring your security and do not allow you to steal the important information to go.

What is the difference between different versions of this program?
Security software is updated every year and constantly improve and introduce new features and tools, but something that should be noted that After a while the software, and a substantial decrease in efficiency of the system heavy become That’s why we all versions of the program in 2012 has been put up on the site, whichever is appropriate to the Windows Hardware you install and use.

It is true that newer versions are more advanced and provide greater security, but at the core they are different because they are already all previous versions of the update of the most recent database BORERS that the most recent ability to deal with f the.

So before and installing this software, please review the system requirements and if your system supports it, try to install it.

How to activate the software to do?
In the older versions of the program, due to be published on the Internet Key that it was possible to fully activate the software, but with the measures for the company Kaspersky has thought of making not work any more and the old Keys released in less than a few hours of work Byvftd Block and software activation as a result of this program just by buying the License is legal.

But those who want to test the features of the program are placed Trial Resetter can use this little tool notonly enable the program to extend the trial period of 30 days.

In addition, security software, and are especially important in the case of system failure may be serious attacks threaten users, we recommend you to pay a little, all of the system, and to rest secure’re To do this, you can check.