Download Lagatgram - Mobile application Lagatram

Lagatgram unofficial version for Android devices is popular messaging and high-speed cable. Unofficial Lagatgram is a messaging app that relies on the API by telegram. This app is completely original cable is connected to the server and additional features than the official telegram to users offers. If blue is the program for you duplicate this program you can change the color and design and size telegram or user interface to suit your taste of colors available. You are able to customize the program Rhine and its environment are. In addition, people who have a secondary account every time you switch between your accounts have been removed from your account and re-enter. This process is done during the day will likely frustrate you. Using Lagatgram you can benefit from both your user account at the moment. But the strength of this program Mac set the quality and size of images and video is transmitted to others.The program has simple and clear user interface that is very easy to work with it.

Application features Mobile Lagatgram:
– The Mac user interface color choice of 8 different colors
– Ability to select the quality uploads
– Ability to choose the maximum size of uploaded images
– Select the video resolution submitted
– Choose the outgoing video quality
– The possibility of replacing the phone number with your username on a particular segment
– Lack of awareness of others when typing text
– With hundreds of new emoticons
– Ability to display the default design used in tablet phone
– The possibility of using emoji in Stoke
– Share files and text without the quotes of others
– Making small changes in the program
– Edit message channels and Super Groups