Download Learning Visual Programming with Kodu - Education manure, programming language Visual
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Kudo (Kodu) is a visual programming tool that allows users without having to write any code, and only with the use of visual elements in the design and manufacture of gaming PC’s. In fact, Microsoft Kodu Game Lab an integrated development environment (IDE) for creating three-dimensional video game provides. Kids With this intuitive tool without any programming skills, able to create and develop the game of your choice, add objects like trees and the environment, define rules, behavior and goal for objects and interact It will be objects when playing. With the MAC simple animals that provide manure can be a powerful concepts learned in the intelligence of children and adolescents. Use of manure increases the intelligence and mental skills and creativity is problem solving.
During the training the Learning Visual Programming with Kodu you with basic functionality and key functional and powerful programming tool you know.

Headlines training of:
– Installation of Kodu
– Use of construction land, water and mountains
– Export and share files in Kodu
– Download and run a game
– Add different objects to play
– Programming for the behavior of every object
– Making routes games
– Add emotions and sounds to a character
– Create advanced controls for games double
– Use of health meter
– Volume control
– And …