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Lightroom (Photoshop Lightroom) software is extremely powerful and in editing photos and voice box is essential for professional photographers which can manage your photos and professional settings apply to your photos . Simple user interface with features such as the Mac ‘s editing, retouching, color adjustment, zoom, change box, bugs corrected lens, sharing photos, Watermark like on photos, digital album with music, enter simple images from the camera, connect the camera to a computer and view the photos taken immediately in the computer, modify Perspective, manage and organize, store and playphotos and has led to the rapid assessment software Popular is applied.
The courses teach the basic functionality and key Lightroom 5 Essentials to learn powerful software application.

Topics of the training of:
Lightroom 5 Essentials: 01 Importing with the Library Module:
– What is Lightroom?
– Import images and video files
– Choose an Import destination
– Rename files
– Import from iPhoto or Aperture
– Work with Tethered capture
– Export as a catalog
– The use of smart Preview
– Customize the background Lightroom
– And …

Lightroom 5 Essentials: 02 Managing Images with the Library Module:
– Add flags (flags), stars (stars) and labels (tags) for images
– Filter the contents of the book home with text, metadata (metadata) or by type of file
– Insert images in separate groups
– Create a group of images
– The Mac that define the tags (tags) for images in places where shooting is
– Processing of images in the Library module
– View and edit movies
– Work with DNG file format
– Add copyright metadata to photos
– Add keywords
– Open the images in Photoshop
– Output, sent by e-mail and print photos
– And …

Lightroom 5 Essentials: 03 Develop Module Basics:
– How to process raw images (raw) in the Develop Module
– Evaluate your progress before and after views
– Understanding the white balance (white balance) and color temperature
– Correct exposure with a histogram
– Identify problem areas with clipping indicators
– Improved color Vibrance, Saturation and Contrast
– Add Warm tones
– Three ways to remove color from an image
– Change the brightness of the Targeted Adjustment tool
– Processing of multiple images
– The use of snapshots and history
– And …

Lightroom 5 Essentials: 04 Develop Module Advanced Techniques:
– Cut and smooth the edges of the photo (Cropping & Straightening) Photos
– Retouch with the Spot Removal tool
– Use with the Graduated Filter tool
– Improve the exposure and color of the Adjustment Brush
– Reform of the Tone Curve Controls
– Create black and white photos
– Reduce the Sharp Nvyzba
– Split toning to create a sepia tone
– Distortion correction
– Introduction to Lightroom Camera Calibration
– And …

Lightroom 5 Essentials: 05 Creating Prints and Books:
– Create better printing and soft proofing
– Create a soft proof rendering input
– Create custom templates
– Customize the style of printing
– Print settings JPG
– Review prints
– Create collections for a book project
– Using the automatic (Auto Layout)
– How to use guides and cell controls
– Moving the location of the picture in a book
– Change the background of the book
– Working with Typography
– Add a description (caption) for images
– Book cover design
– Export as a PDF
– And …

Lightroom 5 Essentials: 06 Creating Slideshows and Web Galleries:
– Create a gallery or slideshow on the Web
– Category images in all categories
– Renaming and reordering images
– Change the color and appearance of a web gallery
– Create a slideshow or Web gallery with pictures and video
– Add descriptions and titles to photo
– Storage format
– Upload Gallery HTML and Flash in web server
– Quickly create a slideshow
– Set slide show options
– Export the slide as a JPEG, a PDF, or a video
– And …