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Language Integrated Query briefly with the programming language that LINQ (link) is known, languages, C # and SQL language is very similar Vb.NET been implemented. LINQ language to demand any data set (database, arrays, Xml, etc.) and the main objective of providing a single language to demand, planning and filter the information stored in different objects ranging from database , objects, arrays, and most importantly XML, the language of the Debug Runtime has to be very flexible.
During the training of Lynda LINQ with C # Essential Training Your key features of this powerful and functional programming language you know.

Topics Education of LINQ with C # Essential Training:
– Create and run a LINQ query.
– Back Results
– Change the type of data source
– Implementation of standard queries
– Work with lambda expressions (lambda expressions)
– Complex queries and chain
– SQL queries and XML
– Run the query tree
– Use of sequences, elements and scalar
– Memory
– And …