Download LiteManager Pro v4.7.2 - PC remote control software

LiteManager application smart and powerful as the Mac ‘s access to the desktop and a remote control for your computer provides another. Software for your computer desktop window that is intended for you to show up and you can easily use the mouse and keyboard to control it. Software is designed to work with it is very simple and you can easily move the elements and panels of your choice. To create a new connection you just enter the server IP address of your system and determine the type of connection you’ll need. The list will be computers that can connect with them in various ways, such as thumbnail view with zoom, icons normal or as a table display. LiteManager uses very little memory and system resources, and you can also keep you fully broadband network to change (for networks with limited bandwidth, such as GPRS and EDGE). It runs through a feature called Saving Mode. All data that are sent over the network, compression and encryption are.

This application is unlike other programs of this kind, which slow down mouse movement and screen face, do not have such problems and changes occurring on the screen of the remote computer and commands transmitted by you without interruption corresponding to your computer and be displayed.On a Mac, the features available in this application in addition to access to computers equipped with a dedicated IP ( network Internet or local network) connect easily to other computers as well. Access to computers behind a firewall (firewall), access to computers without a dedicated IP and access to computers by several bridges, including features that use this software to all users with a variety of network connections possible is made.

A key feature of the software LiteManager:
– View desktops remotely (remote control for your computer you want) without delay
– Manage files on remote computer
– Task Manager Remote
– Full access to remote command line
– Power management system (shutdown, restart, etc.)
– Communicate with users through chat text
– PC connection via a telephone line network
– Devise Manager
– Recorder screenshot
– Network Map
– Connect via a dynamic IP
– Remote installation
– Search Server
– Supports Drag & Drop
– Supports multi-monitor systems
– Lock the keyboard and screen
– Via password protection options
– And …