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Java is the most popular programming language in the world is now. Java uses is very wide and it is one of the most important advantages is platform dependent, this means that programs written in the Java language in almost all operating systems that are running Dray Java Virtual Machine be. As well as the growing popularity of Java is on the rise. Programming for mobile phones with Android operating system, Java language is used. Chava has enormous and diverse framework and this has led to a Java web applications can also be created with very high security. Too much of Java’s popularity has led to the book home and ready for large projects in the world of the Internet for Java is available.
During the training the Learning Modern Java LiveLessons you with Java version 8, the introduction of a variety of development environments, premises, Java, Java, functions, libraries, object-oriented programming, object-oriented concepts in Java, control errors, work with files and inputs, work withnetwork in Java and … you know.

Topics Education of LiveLessons Learning Modern Java:
– Java development environments
– Java Basics
– Basics of object-oriented
– Object-Oriented Professional
– classes
– Testing Java
– Use of modules
– Parallel programming and Chndkhy
– Work with Lambda
– Flow in Java 8
– Work with files in Java
– Work with the network in Java
– And …