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Lua Player Pro (HD POP-UP) v1.3.6 Apk Download

Android video player Lua Player

Unable to play a small window anywhere

Supported formats

Lua Player Player for Android is a program that assists with the possibility of doing another movie with you. You can resize the window Lua Player and smaller in size on other windows on your phone and do other work when running video.



  • Ability to resize the window to do some other work
  • Has a simple design, yet powerful
  • View videos with excellent quality and stunning
  • Support quality videos 720p, 1080p and …
  • The ability to shoot the movie during playback
  • Supplied completely free
  • Customizing the Screens
  • With the possibility of customization Appearance

Player Lua Player is designed in such a way that using it will have the ability to play HD video. This software according to your phone’s hardware can do HD video 720p and 1080 p high definition you play. You can take screenshots when running video footage of the page and save it in your phone. Different layouts are also considered for this android application that can scale any time you want and select it to change the appearance of your application.

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