Download Lumerical Suite 2016a build 736 - software suite for Nanophotonics

Lumerical tools from a wide range of applications in photonics and electromagnetic design and analysis support. Engineers using Lumerical products will be able to use most challenging design problems of components for surface analysis solvers (solvers) to the optical and electrical simulation and design of complex systems, handle.
The company Lumerical the time of application design and analysis of nano-photonics (the study of interactions between light and matter at the nanoscale is called), includes FDTD Solutions, MODE Solutions, DEVICE AND INTERCONNECT, as Lumerical Suite is offered. This set of capabilities that provide engineers involved in the project Nanvfvtnyk can be things such as: modeling of graphene (graphene modeling), reducing simulation time, analysis of reaction ultraviolet, infrared and visible light, like Process TCAD, annotate the schematic design, the Mac to define complex structure, design, storage and sharing of models and designs using the book available houses and more.

Tools set Lumerical Suite:
FDTD Solutions:
FDTD Solutions to solve the problem of Maxwell’s three-dimensional (3D Maxwell solver) that is able to analyze the interaction of UV, visible and infrared light with a wavelength scale.

MODE Solutions:
A comprehensive environment for analyzing and optimizing fiber waveguide design, components and optical waveguides is united.

A photonic integrated circuit design environment for analysis of integrated optical circuits, silicon photonics and optical interconnects.

As a software simulation of semiconductor devices TCAD, for the design, analysis and optimization of optoelectronic components used.