Download Lynda Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO - Learning SEO analysis and optimization to increase your website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is one of the issues in designing a successful website must be considered. According to figures released today, 80% of Web sites and users use search engines, especially Google search engine it done. So it is very important for a website when a user enters a subject or word in the search engine will display the sites which are search there first. SEO is a science and to increase the SEO of a website must learn many different things to do and follow it makes website optimization, and consequently to get in the first Khvdttan search results sure. This increase in visitors, search engines, so a Mac will. In addition, with this knowledge you can learn other websites a fee to do this and have a good income.
During the training, the Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO with the concept of SEO, how to function search engine, indexing, work with Google services, keywords or Keywords, proper use of Meta tags, with + Google, optimization Code and the form and … you know.

Topics Education of Lynda Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO:
– Why it is important indexing
– Use Google AdWords
– Keywords
– Work with iframe display
– Use the appropriate URL SEO
– Use meta tags
– Optimized Code
– Work with Google
– Overview Home page
– Making maps for websites
– Gathers links to sites outside
– And …