Download Lynda Building Apps for Android Wear Devices - Creating wearable objects app for Android

Internet of Things (IoE) are now progressing very fast. As far as most home appliances, wearable and personal even have internet-enabled. Popular operating system Android from the left and behind Google in this regard, the operating system for a wide variety of gadgets like smart watches coming from companies like Sony, Samsung, LG and many other companies made is released. Most remarkable is that because of the use of the Android operating system in a very good coordination between them wearable devices and smart phones that use the Android operating system there, so that you can watch by Control your Android phone, the call answer or even a photo shoot. Using these objects, the day is in progress.
During the training of Lynda Building Apps for Android Wear Devices with how Android programming to objects other than mobile gadgets that use the Android operating system, such as smart watches are familiar.

Topics Education of Lynda Building Apps for Android Wear Devices:
– Set up and install the SDK for developing and testing device
– Send notifications to devices Android Wear
– Add button operation and sound notifications
– Storage notifications
– Build a new wearable
– Designing pages for different screen hours
– Send messages between smartphones and wearable Android
– Export program
And …