Download Lynda Java Design Patterns and APIs for Android - learning patterns and Java API for Android

JAVA Java is a programming language in 1994 by an engineer with Sun Microsystems (sun) written by James Gosling, James was tired of writing ++ C and Java programs to be designed to meet your needs. The program was initially named James oak. At that time the development of oak dissuade sun, but with the advancement and expansion of the Internet and determine the compliance program functionality and some features that enable the needs of Internet oak sun, and the name of the project to the chose Java. Simply put Android operating system for mobile devices and smartphones that are supported by more than 30 famous company. Android is open source and developers can use the Android SDK to write different applications for this operating system.

During the training of Lynda Java Design Patterns and APIs for Android Training will check to see how sound methods or design, save and process data asynchronously write the user experience of an application to be fast. Also familiar with how to use the API to be able to read text, effects graphics to create sound and work with sensors.

Course syllabus for training of Lynda Java Design Patterns and APIs for Android:
1. Start
2. implementation of Android with Java
3. common design patterns Java in Android
4. Android SDK
5. special package Java for Android