Download Lynda Manga Studio Essential Training - education, Manga Studio, an application designed manga comics

The manga was originally meant to be the comic strip cartoonist or issues that are of great boom in Japan. The main features can be created manga cartoon characters that have special features noted that the special features distinguish it from other characters, such as exaggerating the organs that most of their large eyes and nose small mouth can be seen. Software Manga Studio (Manga Studio) is one of the best software in the field of making comics. But so specialized tools for manga and manufacturers have tried all desktop software to simulate a real artist, who face other than “manga” Studio can not be on it.This software market in Japan. All this software tool is unique, because other programs have not only in the field of manga investment.
During the training of Manga Studio Essential Training you will learn how to install and set up the Manga Studio, working with layers, using different tools like pencil drawing and coloring, add effects, vectors and so You will.

Topics Education of Lynda Manga Studio Essential Training:
– Build a new comic page
– Add and edit layers.
– Work with pencil
– Use Direct Draw
– Use the ruler
– Ink pages
– Coloring pages
– Add effects
– Drag Vector
– Making story
– Personalize Mango Studio
And …