Download Lynda Mocha 4 Essential Training - Training Mocha 4, software making 3D animation and tracking and tracking in video

The animations are great and the market is making these animations require an application to be a very powerful tool and the Mac animals making it a highly professional animation. Mocha software name by which can all lead Sakht.mvka an animation over the past decade as a software ever Routing and Tracking in mixing and video editing and has been very strong and inseparable, now an assistant for professionals in the field of editing and special effects are very good. It features the user’s software and you can spend a little time and creativity Anyshmyshn 3D and 3D motion tracking to create very interesting and creative. One advantage of this software is that it can be used for a variety of editing software and editing videos and animations so that the environment can output the result of your work.
During the training of mocha 4 Essential Training Your key feature of the software and how to make professional animation and video routing and tracking are familiar.

Topics Education of Lynda Mocha 4 Essential Training:
– Understanding the core modules in Mocha
– A new project in Mocha Andzay
– Meet with the fine tracking
– Use the information for different tracking
– Basics roto Askvpyng
– Building advanced masks for optimum
– Fix the camera lens
– Build a 3D camera
– Export tracking data from Mocha
And …