Ruby on Rails (Ruby on Rails) or simply Rails, a framework of software web, free and open source Ruby programming language used. The aim Rails, a web-based application framework, which uses methods of rapid development for web developers, that is. In this part of the training is to all threads Ruby on Rails tried to be taught. In this Mvzshmrhlh to step forward and will cover all parts of the original and new. If you’ve ever applications with Ruby on Rails have not tried all the material to be covered. Work with database records, updating records, read and delete records will be explained. With valid building, relationship building, and much other useful database will work. In the course Lynda Ruby on Rails 4 Essential Training In addition to Rails basic, advanced topics will be taught this language.

Course syllabus for training of Lynda Ruby on Rails 4 Essential Training:
– Why use Ruby on Rails?
– Install Ruby on Mac and Windows
– Rendering templates and guidance applications
– Construction and database migration
– Create, update, and delete records
– Understanding of relationship
– Use a variety of layouts
– Combine communication with the pipeline
– Form data validation
– User authentication and user access management
– Architectural applications
– Debugging and error