Download Lynda Squarespace 7 Intermediate Techniques - Learn the techniques Askvyar space, CMS and website construction

Squarespace is a content management system (CMS) based on SaaS is that the Mac provides the rapid creation of a website. In fact, Squarespace as a popular platform in the field of web publishing to anyone with any degree of knowledge about designing and building web sites, the possibilities to be able to easily create your website or blog. By Squarespace in minutes you can create your favorite websites.Squarespace is able to produce and manage a variety of websites, including the websites of galleries, single page, and features a very large company and the user and administrator’s website.
During the training, the Squarespace 7 Intermediate Techniques you will learn how to build a variety of websites by Squarespace, add advanced features such as the gallery photo to the website, making the site for events and companies, add features shopping site, increase SEO and … you know.

Topics Education of Lynda Squarespace 7 Intermediate Techniques:
– Add an Event
– Making front page
– Add album Photo
– Design and construction product page
– Working with inventory
– Tracking Orders
– Accept a MAC Financial to website
– SEO optimization
– Add music, video, calendar and network social
– Personalize domain
– Add password to some pages