Download Lynda Sway Essential Training - education SV, Microsoft's software for making presentations to express your ideas

Sway is a new service from Microsoft to express ideas and new Mnhrbfrd suddenly in the way. The Microsoft product users to the Mac that allows your ideas for a combination of text and media files and to store it in, by e-mail send, share with other people and even for a file (presentation) ready. The Office Web applications to allow users to your ideas and thoughts for text or image storage and sharing as soon as they were completed. The program on a device only using a browser will be available to users. You by this software in a fraction of a minute can offer its powerful and beautiful as possible to give it.
During the training you will learn how to create a variety of Lynda Sway Essential Training is provided and combined text and photo , and media and key features of this software are familiar.

Topics Education of Lynda Sway Essential Training:
– Manufacturing SV
– Use of cards
– Choose a design and navigation of the
– Copying and mixing different SV
– Adding other content
– Invite others to edit your SV
– Sharing SV
And …