Download Lynda SynthEyes Essential Training - Eyes Syns training, application tracking and tracking in video

Software SynthEyes one of the most interesting and important application in the field of special effects and editing film and video. The main task of the software Turks and track objects and different parts of the image is automatically For example, you can face a person or a moving object within a movie and leave the track time. The software is complex and fast-moving coordinate camera and this is one of its advantages.
During the training you will learn how to track a point of SynthEyes Essential Training, tracking lens, using both manual and automatic modes, advanced techniques like tracking a moving body moving and take with the camera.

Topics Education of Lynda SynthEyes Essential Training:
– Familiarity with 3D tracking
– Make your first 3D tracking
– Import and analyzing footage
– Pre-processing the image
– Find lens aberration
– Create a mask
– Automatic and manual tracking
– Work with the camera
– Create a point system
– Add 3-D object
– Track objects
– Export for Pro Other
– And…