Download Lynda Tableau 9 Essential Training - Training Tblv, strategic management, business intelligence and analytical software

Software Tableau or Mac animals and unique capabilities in providing business intelligence to users. This application is based on the analysis and web-based dashboard, provides a powerful tool in the field of strategic management for managers and one of the most powerful tools for processing and analyzing information, reporting and chart building. The features of this software include features such as high speed, ease of use and user-friendly interface, intelligent dashboards, enabling direct connection and share dashboards in different environments, the ability exception-based reporting, forecasting and analysis Pyshrvnd, extraction and data transfer and more. One unique feature of this application is to provide BI software applications on the iPad and Android (for easy access to the dashboard at any time) and also Ankan tableau server connection through the browser.
During the training, the Tableau 9 Essential Training you how to connect to the data source, linking data together, making calculations and custom fields, sorting and filtering data, making maps and charts and familiar sure.

Topics Education of Lynda Tableau 9 Essential Training:
– Connection to the source of information.
– Connect the data of the same type together
– Making the graphics of
– View data in the Workbook
– Making calculations and custom fields
– Sort and filter data
– Add crosstabs
– Build Heat Maps and Charts
– Build dashboards
And …