Download Lynda Teacher Tips - Learn the uses of technology in education

Experience has shown that different teachers and professors using technology for learning new and more efficient ways to manage class may have a classroom and the classroom and students to increase their efficiency. Educational technology includes the use of tools and application of research findings to improve the quality of learning and education process and are systematically designed, implemented and evaluated with the use of science and art as communication and psychology.
Teacher Tips on training with the latest technologies and educational standards, methods and new ways of teaching and learning and classroom management methods are familiar. The training is updated on a weekly basis on Linda.

Topics Education of Lynda Teacher Tips:
– Use new tools such as tablets and the iPad
– Use software such as Prezi, Evernote, Dropbox, ClassDojo in the classroom
– Assignments online
– Understanding the Learning Management System
– Meet DuoLingo
– Introduction to Office Mix PowerPoint plug
– Introduction to Adobe Voice
– Meet
– Meet Learnist
– Meet with Pear Deck
– Meet Flipgrid
– Meet Skaffl
– Introduction to Google Classroom
– Meet Trello
– Meet ClassFlow
– Meet LittleBits
– Meet EDpuzzle
– Meet Drawp
– And …