Download Lynda Up and Running in VUE - teach microwave, software design and construction of three-dimensional landscapes

Vue xStream Pro is a professional and powerful e-on software companies in the design and creation of three-dimensional special effects film is CG. Vue unique software to create effects, graphics and the construction and implementation of the most famous Hollywood films such as Avatar in the world and has been used in many films in the world it is used. The default layout of the application and its output fully with other software projects proposed three-dimensional, such as 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D and Softimage is compatible and easily usable in them. In fact this software by fantastic natural 3D environments can be created and added to the film.
During the training you will learn how to install the Up and Running in VUE VUE, working with interfaces to work with different objects, making sun and cloud, making all kinds of rocks, mountains, trees and … you know.

Topics Education of Lynda Up and Running in VUE:
– Install VUE
– Moving the Interface Display
– Work with objects and objects
– Build sun and cloud
– Framework for building models
– Making framework for procedures
– Edit material
– Add water, rocks and plants
– Rendering of the project
And …