Download Lynda Up and Running with QGIS - education Q-GIS, Geographic information system software

GIS stands for Geographic Information System, which is said to be a geographic information system orMac is instantaneous. GIS platform for storing and viewing and editing GIS and today in universities and research centers as well as various countries are very important and far reaching. Among the applications that can be used to identify the forests, seas, measure the height of the locations, maps, and hundreds of others.
Software that are designed to work with GIS QGIS are many, but one of them called for free and open source use wide in our country, and almost all major platforms and supports 28 languages The world is also supported.

Topics Education of Lynda Up and Running with QGIS:
– Install QGIS
– Work with vectors and data are
– Modeling and editing of data and layers
– Tagged data
– Adding map elements
– Build new data
– The use of plug-ins
– And …