Download Lynda Up and Running with Substance Designer - Education sub stance designer, software manufacture texture

Texture (Texture) by its small graphical images that can cover all or part of your plan level and in terms of the wallpaper. Substance Designer software is a by it and just a few clicks, you can design your own custom Texture supplier. If the creators of games are computer or on different software designs are needed to build Texture Substance Designer software is the best option. The software can also be used by different types of tissue, such as wood, brick, stone and … well designed.
During the training you construct a graph of Up and Running with Substance Designer substance, import sources, making maps, the use of filters, the release of textures, import the substance and … you know.

Topics Education of Lynda Up and Running with Substance Designer:
– Construction of a new substance
– Import sources
– Light settings
– Making Maps
– Construction materials output
– Use the manufacturer node to make the details
– Using Filters
– The release of substance
– Import a substance
And …