Download Maya Essentials 1,2,3,4,5,6 - Learning Maya software to design three-dimensional models and animation
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The Maya software to design three-dimensional and one of the most advanced software, animation and three-dimensional modeling is widely used in studios, film making, animation, and industry play acomputer is used. The strength Maya and modeling tools that large corporations use more of its features.NURBS technology used in the studio animation, makes a Mac to design optimal natural objects such as grass, plants, and the hair. Material Rendering and various high ability of the software is the key.Including Features, flexibility and personalization features (customization) that allows professional users to easily modify their environment to their own. In addition, another unique feature it is possible to develop software for its users. Users can through the C ++ programming language, MEL or (maya embedded language) and Python, as well as to develop tools and resources that already exist in the software, not add to it. So much attention has been the major studios and animation film.

In terms of education, the Maya Essentials tools and capabilities are essential and key applications take power.

Headlines training in Maya Essentials 1:
– Configure your computer to better work with Maya
– Setting priorities
– Enable plug-ins
– Use Hotbox
– Using the Move tool
– Retouch Axes
– Familiarity with the Channel Box
– Create hierarchies
– Hide and detect objects
– Work with selected mask
– And …

Educational titles Maya Essentials 2:
– Create and modify objects, polygons
– Edit reflection
– Smoothing objects
– Put the figures together
– Use the tool Polygon Bridge
– Select and edit rotary lip
– Rotate objects
– Objects with history
– Modeling symmetric
– The integration of vertices
– Combine objects
– Using the Crease
– And …

Educational titles Maya Essentials 3:
– Introduction to NURBS
– Manipulation of NURBS surfaces and curves
– Isolation NURBS surfaces
– Create curves, arcs and Bezier text
– Opening and closing NURBS curves
– Copy curves
– Work to Resolve, Loft, Extrude and Planar
– Create curves on a surface
– Create level
– Work with NURBS Booleans
– And …

Educational titles Maya Essentials 4:
– Basic knowledge
– The creation and use of maps
– Work with Hypershade window
– The use of bitmap images as textures
– Create reflections (reflections)
– Design of the surface
– The use of bump
– Planning texture (textures) on the surface
– Mapping of complex objects
– And …

Educational titles Maya Essentials 5:
– Familiarity with the interface animation
– Moving objects and their attributes
– Create, copy, and set key frames
– Create keys to collapse
– Animating objects along the way
– Hide, lock and limited channels
– Connecting the frame to mesh
– Skin Tool
– Animating a skeleton
– And …

Educational titles Maya Essentials 6:
– Set the render settings menu
– Add depth and shadow raytrace map
– Understanding the decay of light
– Create a camera
– Use Motion Blur
– Use Final Gather
– Rndyng transparent material with caustics
– Rendering Batching
– And …