Soft for Microsoft Dynamics for management disciplines, industries and branches for them.

Various versions of the software:
Microsoft Dynamics includes two distinct software applications that include:

1. CRM or Customer Relationship Management: The software used in customer relationship management through business process management, which can reduce the cost and increase the profit and the issue of customer satisfaction and honesty in the sale, the market will wake of there.

2. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning: Business Software Solution for Microsoft or Microsoft resource management in a production and caused the system to adapt its development is at the same time enables, so that they in a world that quickly appropriate perspectives We adopt the change.

This includes the following 4 groups of 4 or software which are separate software applications include:

– Microsoft Dynamics AX: The Software is a commercial solution for the design and implementation of international issues.

– Microsoft Dynamics GP: The application name or full control of assets, provides resources and information to make decisions.

– Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The software for small businesses and professionals that allows you to control the business processes and the accuracy of the supply chain to promote an extensive area.

– Microsoft Dynamics SL: Companies need to calculate project based on the project. It’s as simple as that. Normal billing software is capable of calculating and making demands are not relevant to your project.

Versions in this collection:

– Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2
– Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011
– Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
– Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP1
– Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
– Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011