One of the problems of computer users use antivirus volume is high, which causes them to be slowing down, but now this problem Microsoft users with an antivirus is a compact and at the same time fully functional , has been resolved.
Software Microsoft Security Essentials version 1, which has recently been proposed, although it looks very simple and basic but has considerable potential, the first security software are completely free, and the volume of the very bottom the software is the same. Placed in different versions for different operating systems, each of the users depending on their needs will benefit from this security tool. Microsoft Security Essentials is able to quickly and automatically updated with the latest viruses, spyware and malicious file types to identify and destroy them.

This means that the volume will be low in proportion to any reduction in performance is observed. Utilizing the latest technology to search and find malicious files including the MAC and IP is the software specification. Also, this application has a user interface is extremely easy.

A key feature of the software Microsoft Security Essentials:
– Very low volume
– Having the latest technology to identify malicious files
– Free software
– Automatic updates and fast
– Simple User-friendly environment
– Failure to reduce speed
– Understand and cleans all types of viruses and malware
– And the …