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Small Basic software is small and easy for beginners and novices in programming by Microsoft to be built.This interesting little language learners interested in programming the Mac it gives up its first steps into the world of programming take amazing. Small basic inspiration from Basic (which is familiar to many traditional programming) based on the .NET platform is written. The language is a programming language for people who want a comfortable, very good option. The language is very simple and contains at least 15 words and concepts, to work with it is simply not possible. Despite the simplicity of the Small Basic language with exciting features advanced programming language environment, such as intellisense and so on. The software has a user interface subsystem is very simple and organized for all users, even those who experience little or no previous experience in working with the computer, it is easy to use. The programming language for children and adults who want to experience, have been made. In fact, a small basic simple implementation of the .NET Framework (dot net framework) has been implemented based on visual basic grammar.

small basic because it is based on .NET with .NET development, it is officially supported by Microsoft. Also the development of the language, confirm the product is frozen in the users safely their programming. Thissoftware does not use a lot of your system resources, so it will not affect the performance and response time is good.
Key Features Software Small Basic:
– Small and easy program for beginners and novices in programming
– Inspired by the Basic
– Include the maximum and minimum terms of 15 keywords
– Advanced programming language environment with exciting features such as intellisense and …
– Has a user interface graphics very simple and organized
– The software is quite efficient and has a good interface for a variety of users
– Use a small amount of system resources and has a good response time
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And the …