Download Mudbox 2013 Essential Training - Training Madbaks

Autodesk Mudbox software is great for painting and sculpture is a three-dimensional digital design and simulation tools to complete three-dimensional models and create digital artwork without worrying about the technical details, it has provided.
The user interface is quite intuitive professional software combines powerful modeling tools and symbols, brushes, etc. The artists who design and make movies , play video, special effects, etc. There are very popular is so easy to manipulate a volume of amorphous and disordered turn it into a beautiful 3D objects and create great works of art.

During the training of Mudbox 2013 with basic functionality and key applications take power.

Headlines training of:
– Optimization of a Wacom tablet for Mudbox
– Mastering the 3D space
– Professional editing objects
– Sculpture by tools such as stamps, stencils and layers
– A MAC or build it into the UV maps
– Texturing by Ptex
– Create paintings featured
– Create ambient occlusion (occlusion) and shift the map
– Create characters with skeletons and joints false
– Adjust the screen brightness
– Processing still and moving pictures by Mudbox
– And …