NetBeans IDE is a free, open-source integrated development environment for developers,provides. You have all the tools needed to create aProfessional, Enterprise, and web applications f and languages ​​Java, C / C ++ and even dynamic languages ​​such as PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, and Ruby will be provided.A key feature of NetBeans IDE:

JDK 7:
– Advanced Editor: code completion, hints

Server and WebLogic:
– Development of more efficient and faster for WebLogic
– Server runtime node displaying deployed applications and resources
– JSF integration with Home Server

Database Oracle:
– Simplified connection wizard
– Help to install JDBC drivers
– Edit and develop stored procedures

– Support for GlassFish 3.1
– Domain restart and log viewer for remote GlassFish
– Enable and disable deployed applications

– Support for Maven 3
– JUnit 4.8.2 integration and various JUnit improvements
– Customizer for GridBagLayout Visual improved

Java EE:
– Improved support for services CDI, REST and Java Persistence
– New support for Bean Validation
– Support for library components in JSF, including bundled PrimeFaces library project
– Improved editing for Expression Language in JSF, including code completion, refactoring and hints

Languages ​​Web:
– HTML5 editing support
– The format of this JSON

– Production PhpDoc
– Rename and Delete Secure Refactoring
– PHP 5.3 support for aliases

C / C ++:
– Easily import existing projects from binary user
– New Project type where user’s source files are located on a remote system
– And …