Use of the network is very common in offices and workplaces. The MAC IP provides network administrators and users will have a very broad and no tool can replace the network.

One of the most important principles for better application and the efficiency of the system of internal control systems. Command line networking, security, user management, access to other network systems, etc. All of those are things that you should spend time to learn it so completely that they learned of the stage will run. All the commands and techniques required to spend a lot of time if done manually. For this reason, even professional users of the software by software companies to control and manage the network is designed to be used.

Xmanager Enterprise name software of your company is NetStrong of this program you can also use large homes or offices. The software for the Mac a lot of management resources on the network and other control systems is given by which a system administrator will be able to satisfy the various needs in this area. A network administrator is able to install this software Join the performance of all systems in the network view and have complete management over it. However, using this software, users can experience great functionality. Simply can communicate with other computers and share files and transfer them. The features of this software can be used to view all the other systems in the network system, the control software of all the computers on the network, viewing other systems, the ability to control the file-sharing systems , to help communicate via IP Address Bar, supports various protocols of the Internet ‘s ability to connect with TelNet, connect to the FTP protocol to transfer files etc.

A key feature of the software NetSarang Xmanager Enterprise:
– View all systems in the network to other systems
– Full control over the network
– Software control of all the computers on the network
– All other display systems
– Ability to share files on the system
– The ability to communicate via IP Address Bar
– Supports various Internet protocols
– The ability to connect with TelNet
– Ability to connect to the FTP protocol to transfer files
– Suitable for small home networks and large commercial networks
– Ability to create different profiles for the server and users
– The ability to control all of the Client in a network environment by admin
– Ability to manage and control all the systems of the desired changes
– Easy to use both the manager and the client
– The ability to share files on the client and server
– Ability to share Internet between the client and the Saskatchewan Boundary use
– Identify and adapt to different Internet protocols
– The ability to communicate with the FTP protocol to upload the files on the server
– High security network environment
– The ability to share documents, printers and print management
– High-speed communication