In the world of computer games have always been a stylist and have created a new kind of style of play and his beloved a completely different genre have created. Action and Adventure Game Neverending Nightmares is a game with its own style. This game is only black and white images of the environment is used to create the background and the game has transformed into a beautiful chiaroscuro. In addition to black and white to match the original profile, the other warm colors like red and yellow to illustrate and highlight the other elements of the game. In addition to the special paint beautiful, interesting and original story takes off when combined with dark colors and warm influence the game story and excitement to the far the same period. In this game you will play a personal role in the nightmare of Rr and terribly resented him and drive him to the edge of madness. To survive this hellish nightmare of terrible demons in their place, the only way to save it is about the fight against the mind of the patient. You have to get rid of nightmares, hallucinations your over and over before they conquer evil Drvnytan you wake up!