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Jykvyry (jQuery) most popular book of the house open source and free software is JavaScript and under GPL and MIT licenses issued. Jykvyry a lightweight JavaScript library that is multi-browser client-side scripts to simplify the writing TM El Drach (HTML) is designed. JQuery also provides a JavaScript library developers to make that Afzayhhayy. JQuery developers the option to exchange the piece of low-level programs (associated with the user’s browser) or animation, advanced effects and high-level, object-creation and even create hypothetical. All of these components jQuery using a Mac is a powerful Web pages and dynamic look.
During the training the TheNewBoston jQuery Training with basic functionality and key JavaScript library for building powerful, dynamic Web pages are familiar.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to jQuery
– Implement jQuery
– Introduction to the Selector
– An example of a CSS selector
– Multiple selectors
– Choose modes Hide / Show to a DIV
– Insert DIV at the center of a window
– GET HTTP request
– POST HTTP request
– Loading AJAX
– Change data types AJAX
– Code AJAX Status
– Email validation
– Update the database table values
– Understanding Plugins
– Create a simple plug
– Create a plug-counter “days / hours / minutes / seconds”
– Installation of jQuery UI
– Slider and tabs
– Submit the form
– And …