Symantec Corporation oldest manufacturer of antivirus in the world, the company has its main office in Sunnyvale in United States of America, in 1982 by Gary Hendrix and Denis Coleman and Gordon Eubanks was established. The company is now among the richest 500 companies and more than 1,000 dealers worldwide.

Symantec enterprise security solutions for many types of household and commercial systems is that they are the most popular Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, but the 2015 Symantec Corporation All three products in the form of a software published as Norton Security In fact, Norton Security is replacing three previous product in this article we try to introduce a completely new and powerful product of our company Symantec.


Key Features Norton Security:
– Ability to identify and eliminate a wide range of malicious files
– A powerful Firewall and control input content from the Internet to the system
– Prevent the entry of fake sites such as banks,
– Have the ability to search and detect emails infected with malicious files
– Search Links and URLs and prevent the opening of infected
– Provide a complete security package for all systems
– Ability to secure user devices such as mobile phones

The unique features of this software:
– Feature Real-time protection: It’s literally a minute’s acts are security syste

m, the software each time the system is turned on, all those with Windows run the exact search puts and ensures complete safety while working with Windows.

– Ability to Multi-device security: This feature gives you a Mac that allows you to secure all your peripherals, phones, Android, iPhone, iPad or Mac, no matter how many peripheral devices, you should keep everyone safe.

– Ability to Link Protection: This feature automatically searches for all hyperl

inks and URLs, addresses the opening of the barrier becomes contaminated.

Compare the features of the software:
Software Size: relatively large file size has been installed and is not suitable for a security software.

The amount of space required software: This software installation requires only 300 MB of free space that is suitable for security software.

Updates of the software: the number of software updates is high, but occupies a very small volume.

Storage feature updates  by the user: No, this is not possible.
Offline software feature updates without the Internet: No, this is not possible.
Search USB Flash automatically after connecting to the system: No, this is not possible.

Compatibility with different versions of Windows, this program even in its most recent version of Windows XP and Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 support.

The use of system resources. This software not only to the limited resources allocated but almost no effect on the efficiency of the system and does not slow down.

Activation of certain software: so far no definite crack for this program has been published and the only way to buy it is legally licensed.