Make sure you already have that  installed on your system and your system to run the game is in trouble. NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a powerful video card users are interested in playing GeForce It is installed on the system, a  will reduce the pressure on the graphics system is able to detect and system settings on the computer and stretch capacity to automatically adjust the right one for the games . In fact, given that an inexpensive computer as a powerful and expensive computer to play computer games should implement the configuration is not easy It is not clear for the user to always, NVIDIA currently noskheye GeForce Experience Beta to offer the games installed on your computer according to computer analysis and automatically performs the necessary adjustments to coincide with a computer game setting. Computer software analyzes the games and the best setting possible for them to consider.

A key feature of  NVIDIA GeForce Experience:
– Increase the system capacity when the  is
– Maintain good health and increase longevity  User
– Very high strength analysis software
– Compatible with different versions of windows
– And …