Download OneNote 2010 Essential Training - Education One HP

OneNote program Mac Data Eni, regulation, search and share them. Different types of notes you scrapbook, chapters and pages saved Vannvt. Vannvt program can be considered an electronic version of the conventional paper booklets. Vannvt benefits can be important to ensure that no information is lost record of meeting or lecture notes for the next visit, Mvry information on the Internet or other sources and the interpretation of it, recorded the views of others through notes, audio clips and videocommunication Rayanhkar as direct a live session in the network , Fyshbrdary studies and research, information classification, life planning, tutoring, job etc.

During training you basic functionality of OneNote 2010 and key software applications take power.

Headlines training of:
– Add content to the notes, including cutting boards, photos, sounds and videos are
– Search office
– Tagged notes
– Organize information in the office
– Work with events and programs outlook
– Create tables
– Hand written into typed text
– Use templates
– Printed materials and parts
– Sharing and synchronization offices
– And …