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OnePlus One Theme CM11 / CM11S v1.0 APK

This theme uses a red and white User Interface inspired by the OnePlus branding identify and is available for the CM11 Theme Chooser Engine which is included in CyanogenMod11 and the CM11s ROMs.


– Translucency effects for Statusbar and Navigation Bar in manyapplications – without the need for xposed or similar modules

– Major apps themed with the red/white branding inspired by the OnePlus one
– Animated buttons (checkboxes and radio buttons)
– Many Android L based components integrated (adapted to ThyrusHolo visuals)
– New Notification area, drawer and quicksettings
– New spinners
– New Material-based Statusbar and NavBar icons
– New switches based on Material
– New icons
– New circle avatars
– and much more.

– Icons
– Framework
– Calculator (*)
– Calendar (*)
– Contacts
– Clock (*)
– Dialer (*)
– Email
– MMS (*)
– Settings (*)
– SystemUI
– Vending/Google Play
– G+ (**)
– Hangouts (**)
– Google Now
– YouTube
– ThemeChooser (*)

(*) using translucency for Status/Navbar
(**) ActionBar themed

PA USERS – some issues exist in PA because of missing commits from PA to theme contacts, settings, SystemUI and dialer properly. I do not officially support PA and other derivative ROMs so use at you own risk please.

IF you get an error -110 or error -24 -> ThemeEngine has issues at the moment with updating themes.
To resolve:
1. Uninstall the theme completely
2. go to /data/data/ and delete the entire directory “oneplus.thyrus.darkuinte”
3. Reboot
4. Reinstall theme.
5. Reboot




OnePlus One Theme CM11 / CM11S v1.0 APK Free Download

  • Size: 12.41 mb
  • Current Version:1.0

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